Friday, November 16, 2012

How Will She Get Home?

I haven't posted in some time. It's been a whirlwind few weeks and I haven't been able to focus enough to write. This week I went to Washington, DC for some work-related meetings. It was a good three days. I cried through my walks each morning, as I do at home, and I felt a little fragile as I made my way through the world alone, but I did OK. It reminded me of who I am, that I love travel, that I like my independence, even as I love my family.

Before I left, we were having dinner and my son Stellan was asking after his baby sister again. He checks in from time, asking, where is she? have we seen her? where does she live? does she have a car? what does she eat? This time the car question came up again. I've been perplexed about why he keeps asking. Is it is his own interest in trucks, cars, etc? This time, he then asked, right after, how will she get home? It still breaks me up a little when I think of it, where his logic was coming from: if she doesn't have a car, how will she get home? We then had a conversation about how she is home, she is wherever we are. Tough concepts for a 2 year old, and tougher for his parents to explain, but we are trying.